Yoga Republic's 

Ashtanga and Iyengar based Vinyasa  

200hrs Teacher Training

11 weekends over eleven months
(one per month)

Open For Applications ( call or email to arrange an appointment).

  • Starts 27th of January 2024 ends November 2024. 


    €1900 including all taxes,all material, manual and a Accredited  Certification (on successful completion).



  • After over twenty years of Teaching Sackies Skalkos founder of Yoga Republic, Cork's oldest yoga studio will share his formula for the unique western style of yoga for which he has become so well known.

  •  As is the general policy of the practice classes within the studio, Teacher Training classes are kept small.

  •  Student numbers are limited to ensure true learning and progression.

  • Hatha Yoga is the backbone of Yoga culture and of whole living. Ha means sun and Tha means moon which is the art of balancing these subtle energies. We all know the importance of having a strong, healthy, vital body that energises and frees the mind to explore its own depths.
  • Our training syllabus ensures the participants will understand Yoga roots and precisely how the asanas work.
  • You will learn
    • about performing asanas correctly and how to instruct and adjust others.
    • pranayama, the power of breath, how to instruct and the mistakes to avoid.
  • We assist you with developing your own personal practice and in developing your teaching presentation.
    There is practice teaching and small group feedback.
  • Participants learn several Yoga forms as well as a Kyma Vinyasa Flow Series, an empowering Vinyasa Yoga sequence.

Yoga Republic's Approach

Our approach has evolved from years of study, personal practice and experience with thousands of students.
It is a synthesis of our insights and discoveries and includes what we consider to be the best from leading forms of Yoga today.
We use Iyengar's precision and alignment, Classical Yoga's traditional Wisdom, Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois Vinyasa and Ujjayi Breath.
You will be encouraged to learn to use what is appropriate for you and your students and to develop a teaching style that is sensitive and evolving.

Yoga Republic emphasises the student finding their own spirituality through their personal practice and self challenge.

  • Our Teacher Training classes and teaching are based on physical development and self knowledge.
  • We teach our students to balance their energies, recognise and address their weaknesses, embrace the strengths and be safe and rewarded in their practice.
  • We believe you cannot teach a physical discipline unless you have a complete physical understanding of what you are doing.
  • Yoga is an enlightening tool only when used wisely.
  • Yoga Republic emphasisis that teaching is an honour.
  • It is about humility and confidence as one.
  • It is not about the agenda of the teacher. It is about the students experiences, their mood, their changing and developing practices, their injuries and limitations.
  • A good teacher must be taught to be truly mindful and present in their teaching, to read the room and needs of every student.

Yoga Republic's Teacher Training Course is ideal for committed students who want to teach, seasoned Teachers looking to expand their physical knowledge or dedicated practitioners looking to expand their personal practice.

  • It will not be the traditional.
  • It will be challenging, demanding, enlightening and awakening.
  • You will be ready to teach.

Yoga Curriculum

  • Origins of Yoga
  • How Yoga works
  • Yoga philosophy
  • How to prolong vitality with Yoga
  • How each asana affects the body's systems
  • Pranayama - Yoga breathing and vital energy
  • How to instruct intelligently and correctly
  • Restructuring the body through precision and alignment
  • Dealing with problem cases and injuries
  • Awakening and listening to the body's intelligence
  • Body mechanics
  • Combining Asana, pranayama and meditation
  • Classical, Iyengar and Flowing Hatha Yoga
  • Developing a personal practice
  • Diet, Nutrition and Health for Yogis
    • Yoga Republic teach the basic principles applicable to everyone and the essential elements of optimum nutrition leading to health, energy and longevity.
    • What is an optimum health diet?
    • What are healing and therapeutic diets?
    • Vegetarian diet
    • Finding the right foods for your body
  • Meditation and Yoga
    • Meditation has been called the heart of Yoga. Meditation transforms the quality of one's life and is the beginning of wisdom.
    • Meditation is not a mechanical, repetitive action, but the awakening of attention.
    • Perception and insight in all areas of life. True meditation brings about freedom and awareness which can never be result of mechanized practice of techniques.
    • One who discovered meditation in action has tremendous mental and creative power.
    • Meditation can not be taught, but can be learned.
  • Chakras: a practical presentation of the mystical.
  • Major Yoga Systems
  • Yoga Philosophy and essential principles
  • Hints, Aids and Inspiration for a lifelong practice
  • How to begin instructing
  • Yoga , an expression or profession?
  • Class themes and formats
  • Participants in their own words

A Typical Day

8:00am - 9am Gathering - group conversation, questions
9am - 11am Practice
11am - 11:15am short break
11:15am - 14:20pm Practice Teaching- Feedback
14:20pm - 15:00pm Lunch
15:00pm - 16:30pm Practice Teaching
16:30pm - 17:00pm Advise - Practice and Feedback



Teacher Training, meet the rest of the Team


Kathleen O Brien


Kathleen O Brien has been involved with education for over 15

years. A long time Yoga enthusiast she has been practicing with

Yoga Republic for 7 years. In 2014 she completed her 200 hour

Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Qualification and in 2016 she added a

further 100 hours in Pre and Post Natal Yoga teaching. She enjoys

practicing Acroyoga. Kathleen has studied psychology and

philosophy at 3rd level and is very interested in the psychology and

philosophy of Yoga and how it relates to the modern Irish yogi.

Kathleen is currently studying herbalism and enjoys kirtan and


chanting mantra.


Patrick Hanley 

Patrick Hanley is a chartered physiotherapist and hold degrees

neuroscience and physiotherapy. An accredited sports

physiotherapist, he is also a strength and conditioning coach and

operates from his premises in Fermoy and Cork City. As well as his

private practice, he works with the IRFU and has worked with

Munster Rugby, Cork City FC, MS Ireland and the Parkinsons

Disease Society. Patrick's treatment approach gets to the root of the

issue, empowering the client and preventing recurrence. Patrick

enjoys and sees many benefits to practicing Yoga.